I am not a religious person.

However I am, without a doubt, a very spiritual person.

This would at first glance to be a contradiction in terms, but it is not. I simply draw a firm line in the sand between being religious and being spiritual.

I have been known to spend upwards of several hours a day in meditation and prayer and have done so for years at a time. Were I a religious person I might be described as ‘pious’. I am not pious. I am spiritual.

No offense to those who consider themselves to be ‘religious’. I simply have a hard time accepting any theory that involves the concept of punishment. I cannot believe in a ‘Higher’ intelligence that might on one hand, love me, while on the other threaten to condemn me to everlasting hell. However this is what makes the world so interesting. One is entitled to one’s own opinion, whatever that opinion might be. I am also of the opinion that any opinion is necessarily wrong, as the human mind is simply not capable of understanding the infinite at all. But then, that is my opinion. Being an opinion it is most likely wrong.

That being said, I believe that there is an inherent goodness in all things. I believe that the only purpose in physical existence is to learn but one single lesson. That lesson IS that all things are one. The human equivalent of this lesson can be summed up in a single word:


Carter Shepard and Carolyn Cummings have brought to us a message of love. This sounds trite when verbalized, but it is not. It is the eternal lesson, the singular lesson, the lesson presented to us time and time again. It is the only lesson. What is unique is how they bring this message.

They bring it to us from the other side.

There are many among us who will say that they do not believe in this form of communication. Yet it is this form of communication that is directly responsible for a large percentage of the Christian Bible and other writings of a metaphysical nature believed to be sacred. I therefore am of the opinion (there is that word again) that not only is this form of communication valuable but it is most certainly key to our understanding of the nature of reality.

Carter Shepard has been a student of metaphysics and spirituality for almost 30 years. He is a well known speaker on the subject and has been a spiritual teacher for many years. He is the author of ‘Back To Heaven’. He was (and continues to be) a protégé of John Scudder, a mystic who performed hundred of miracles, many documented. John’s work was reported in Newsweek Magazine and on television shows such as ‘That’s Incredible’ before his passing.

Carolyn Cummings has been a professional Medium and Intuitive Psychic for over 20 years. She realized very early on her gift should be used to help others in regards to their spiritual growth. She continues that work today.

Put these two together and the metaphysical sparks begin to fly . . .

In ‘What They Want You To Know! – Messages From Beyond The Grave’ we are introduced to many people we have certainly met on this plane before. However, this time we are offered they opportunity to receive guidance from their perspective NOW. The words they speak are surprising, eye-opening, and, at times enlightening. The advice is pragmatic and ever practical.

What is interesting is the sheer number of personalities represented in this book. We are offered the opportunity to hear words of advice from people such as Albert Einstein, Nicole Simpson, (loved this), Ronald Reagan, Leonardo Da Vinci and Johnny Cash. Included also are Princess Diana, John Kennedy Jr., Benjamin Franklin, Jackie Kennedy, William Shakespeare, Natalie Wood, Abraham Lincoln and even Steve Irwin. This is not the full list. The book is a whooping 495 pages.

Here we are given a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes – a glimpse into the lives of those we believed we knew so well. It is not surprising that we did not know them as well as we might believe. The tone is ever conversational. There are no holds barred here as we often find ourselves sitting by and listening to these famous people talk about the little known details regarding sexual preferences and the deepest feelings they held for their spouses and other loved ones. The questions are answered honestly but are occasionally rejected for being a bit too personal. It is absolutely fascinating.

The writing style used holds true to the format of the interviews. One feels as though one is sitting right in the room with these folks – listening to them one-on-one. There is no pretension in the questioning and certainly no pretension in the way the answers are presented. It is down to earth and as homespun as sitting and having a conversation with a close friend or family members. For instance, when Christopher Reeve is questioned about his friendship with Robin Williams, he is asked if he has anything to say to Robin. The answer? ‘Howdy’. We can almost picture him saying that, can’t we?

There is so much here it boggles the mind and it is frankly impossible to begin to do justice to it within the few short pages of a review. It is page after page after page filled to bursting with behind the scene glimpses of those we once knew and still love so well. Carter and Carolyn have done a marvelous job of painting a picture of what all these people were most likely truly like while they were among us.

There are no accidents in the universe. Those who attain fame or glory do so for a specific purpose. That purpose is always to teach us a lesson in some form, be it positive or negative. The people whose lives are detailed in this book taught us many things and now they continue to do so.

All in all, ‘What They Want You To Know! – Messages From Beyond The Grave’ makes for a wonderful read. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in this subject. However, be forewarned:

You are going to be surprised . . . and there is more to come.

Copies are available via the web site http://www.whattheywantyoutoknow.com/ 

Don McCauley ICM, MTC CH is a former editor, a Mind Training Coach and is the founder for the Heaven On Earth LifeStyle Partnership at http://www.heavenonearthsystem.com  

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