Imaginary Legal, Political, and Economic Forces That Construct the Fountainhead of Injustice…

and what We The People can do about it.

I have to confess, I read the press release for this book and just knew that I had to read it. I could feel a delicious political rant in the offing. I love good rants!

Jonathan Walden has not produced a rant in Unlimited Visibility, rather he has created a very thoughtful and thought provoking book that looks at our society today and how it might be changed for the better.

The author breaks the reader in gently. In fact the first few pages are delightfully humorous. It is 1966, and the then 16 year old Jonathon Walden wants to become a scuba diver. His ever practical parents point out that there is not a huge call for that skill in the middle of Nebraska! Undeterred by this minor bombshell of practicably our young hero does indeed fulfill his dreams.

A somewhat older Jonathan Walden reflects back:

My wonderful parents were feet-on-the-ground–here-and-now pragmatists who were far too immersed in building a business, and raising a baby-boom family, to know the Red Sea From Red China, or Jacques Cousteau from Inspector Clouseau.

From this lighthearted tale of youthful exuberance Jonathan Walden takes us into the crux of Unlimited Visibility. In fact, when one reflects on his humorous story it is evident that it is included to make a point. A very salient point that is repeated time and time again throughout the book. We are all to willing to accept situations because it has always been done that way. The Law Of The Land exists for the greater good? But does it?

Jonathan Walden takes us on a journey of discovery, a journey that questions many of our current beliefs. Economics, politics, and justice are just a sampling of the areas that are explored in Unlimited Visibility.

I have to admit that for the most part I am in agreement with the author. When you open your eyes and really look at the world around us there are so many problems it becomes staggering. Yet should this be reality? Are there viable alternatives to the way that we conduct life on earth?

Unlimited Visability offers some radical ideas, how would it be if everyone was nice to each other? There is an interesting concept! If this idea was taken global it becomes even more interesting. How much money is spent each year on security, wars, and defense? I was reading an article earlier today that contained an analysis of the latest Pentagon budget for the next fiscal year, it exceeds $700 billion. This is such a huge number that it is hard to understand its significance, but, you can break it down into more comprehensible terms. The population of the US is just over 300 million. That means that defense spending is about $233 per year for every man woman and child. But that is just the pentagon. That number pales into insignificance when you add in all of the other agencies, the police, the FBI, the DHS, etc. As one very famous wag remarked, a billion here a billion there, suddenly you are talking real money!

As the back cover of Unlimited Visibility screams SOMETHING IS DREADFULLY WRONG.

Yes, Jonathan Walden is right, there is much wrong with our world today. I enjoyed this rather thoughtful exploration of the state of play in the healthcare industry today. You can order your copy from Amazon by clicking on the link above.

Simon Barrett

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