Knowing the time and effort that it takes anyone to write a book, especially about something that they truly believe it, makes it even harder to really be honest about my feelings.  But I also feel this would not be fair to the author to just sugarcoat anything I feel I have to say.

A few things about “Universe God’s Jewel” got my attention immediately.  First off, it really really needs to be edited.  This book starts off with some very bad English grammar and that of course doesn’t set the write tone right from the start.

Another very weak area is the authors bio.  What bio I might add?  He obvious has a warm family who helped him out but where are his credentials for writing such a book?  Not saying I needed to see a wall papered with PHd’s but certainly not a picture of his family and how his sister extended her hospitality to him while he wrote this book. 

And the bibliography is pretty much the same – lots of “notes and books” and “my own research” – no credibility by anyone’s standard.

The book itself was a very tough read – unless you are a scientist (and even then I’m guessing at that) the average layman would not even begin to grasp the concepts presented here.

I have to say that I truly believe Nick believes he has an answer to some of our life’s problems but he lacks completely a way to say it that will get folks running for more answers.  My guess is that most people would not make it past the first chapter or two before putting this one on the “bargain book table” at their next tag sale.

Sorry Nick – you need to put more of your own credentials in here for people to believe you and add many more real life stories, with much more detail.  You need a human touch which is completely missing here throughout.

For a copy of Universe God’s Jewel you can go to amazon.

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