Unhappy Endings: A Collection Of Three Flash Fiction Stories by Judy Penz Sheluk is exactly what is advertised. These three stories are not light or happy reading. These three stories have pain in them that lingers long after the fourteen page read is finished. All three tales were previously published by Thema Literary Journal based in New Orleans. unhappy endings


This short read opens with “Sylvia’s World.” Sylvia never has seen Paris and lives in a world far away from anything in Paris. But, a line from a story that references Paris has stuck in her mind. It won’t let go.


The porch light is off and that is never a good sign as “Cleopatra Slippers” opens. 10 pm in 1973 is the setting for this 16 year old who has a difficult home life situation. It may be thirty years later, but the memory is just as fresh today.


Brad and the narrator were supposed to be engaged on the road to marriage. That plan has not kept Brad faithful.  He is not totaled as the take begins, but she is not happy. “Emmaline” is the name of this tale and is also the name of the child that she is carrying.


These are not happy light stories. These are short tales of pain and difficult situations. As they are flash fiction tales and therefore short in length little more can be said without ruining the read. Like her tale in the Flash And Bang Anthology as well as her collection Live Free or Tri: a collection of three short mysteries author Judy Penz Sheluk packs a lot of detail and nuance in each piece.



Material was picked up during the author’s recently advertised free read promotion.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2016

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