There is an airline based here that has a market slogan built around the idea “want to get away?” If you do, Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent might be the way to plan. Written by Mike and Anne Howard, creators of, experienced a honeymoon to blow your mind and subsequently have led an incredible travel journey for over five years.


Their book isn’t a romantic getaway book featuring a few nights in a fancy motel, candle lit dinners, and all that as they make clear in the intro. Their book is about experiencing the sights, the places, the culture, the people, and more in locations all around the globe. Over 500 destinations are in this book. Also included are stories and tips from eleven of their favorite couples who share their passion to see and experience it all.


After a chapter on figuring out where you and your partner are with regards to travel, traveling as a couple, as well as other issues including and how to get some space to need it because no matter how much you love and care about your partner being with him or her 24/7 will make you a little crazy at some point, the book moves on to the traveling with each chapter based on natural features. If you want to experience mountains, you are in luck with the first chapter. Titled “Mountains” and starting on page 23 with a stunning picture of the mountain Torres del Paine in Chile, the book tells you all sorts of important information about this location.


Chapter One continues for nearly a dozen pages as it features other multiple travel destinations featuring mountains around the world. Each location has bullet points with “when to go” and “where to stay” and suggested “couple adventures” while there among other helpful suggestions. The pictures are impressive and give you an idea of what you are in for should you go to these locations. Chapter One concludes with “Top 10 Unbelievable Day Hikes” which are places you can hike to, have an incredible experience, and be back before dinner.


This same format continues throughout the rest of the book as chapters cover “Beaches & Islands” (Chapter Three), “Deserts & Dunes” (Chapter Seven), and “Road Trips” (Chapter Ten), among other types of natural features. For those who want an out of this world experience check out Chapter 11 titled, “Supernatural.”  Mud pools, volcanoes, and the like are the focus of this chapter that starts on page 219 with Koh Ker, Cambodia.


Now that you are inspired and have some ideas, you need to plan. That is the goal of the “travel smart” section beginning on page 239 along with a chart telling you the best month for different places.  For example, the artic peninsula is good this time of year. The authors offer a lot of advice and tips regarding matters such as what you need in your travel fund, making the most of your currency as well as airline points, and how to do the land travel portion of your trip. Packing for your trip is important as is lodging at the destination. They decipher the code words and explain how to set everything up.

An eight page “resources” list that spans the globe, a two page acknowledgements section, and a three page index brings this visually stunning and informative book to a close.


Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations On Every Continent is geared towards those of a young age that can go out there and do stuff. Advice about travel issues with kids, the disabled, etc. won’t be found in this book as it was not designed for such situations. It was designed for those who have the funds and the energy to go far beyond staying in a nice hotel to see London or Paris for a few days. This is a book designed for those who want to get to a place and really experience the people and culture. For folks that can and want to do that, Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent  by Mike and Anne Howard is a very good book to begin the journey.


Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations On Every Continent

Mike and Anne Howard

National Geographic

September 2017

ISBN# 978-1-4262-1839-2

272 Pages




Material was picked up to read and review during a recent trip to the Lochwood Branch of the Dallas Public Library.



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