Twisted Prey: A Lucas Davenport Novel opens, as many of the recent books in the series do, with bad guys doing bad things to somebody. Readers know from almost the start the identities of some of the bad actors though the motivation for the criminal events has yet to become apparent.  In this case the victims are a United States senator and his mistress who are run off the road as they attempt to return to Washington. In the aftermath, Senator Smalls is lucky to be alive. He also has pretty good idea regarding the identity of the person who tried to take him out.

Not that Senator Taryn Grant would have done it herself. She would not have gotten her hands dirty directly. But, as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, she may have been making use of her contacts in the intelligence community and elsewhere as Small has been an ongoing problem for her. Especially recently after he brought her a fresh round of unwanted media attention which seems to have impacted her carefully crafted media image just a little bit.


U. S. Marshal Lucas Davenport has been bored. Very bored with routine boring cases. The kinds of case he did not sign up for when he joined the United Sates Marshal’s Service. Senator Smalls knows the automobile accident was no accident and is sure that Senator Taryn Grant is behind it all just like she was two years ago. Smalls is convinced she is not going to stop until he is dead. He also knows Lucas Davenport might be the only one to not only understand his situation but to appreciate the threat from Grant and be able to do something about it. He wants Lucas to investigate and hopefully by doing so, keep him alive, and stop the next attempt to kill him.


What follows is a straight action adventure read with Lucas Davenport on the hunt for professional Killers, probably ex-military members who are now most likely private contractors, and proof that Grant is behind it all. Of course, that means Lucas and others he cares about become targets for retaliation.


Straight action and adventure with little character depth or development for any of the new characters in this series—several of which will most likely pop up again in coming books— the read is about action and moving forward by way of following numerous characters as they go about their criminal and otherwise activities. The story structure is very reminiscent of an EKG with regular spikes of action and the predictable lulls between events. Overall, the book moves forward at a rapid pace despite the occasional segue into politics (that clearly inflames some conservatives who are reading something, based on their “reviews,” far beyond what is actually in the book), sight-seeing destinations in Washington, and other reading suggestions regarding various books and magazines made during those lulls in the action.


While a good read for what it is – a straight action/adventure book – it is not nearly as good as many previous Prey books in this long running series. Sheer escapism, Twisted Prey: A Lucas Davenport Novel, settles some scores and keeps the reader fairly well entertained and turning pages. For those readers who prefer more escapist type read for their trips to the beach or mountains, this latest read in the series should do very nicely.




Twisted Prey: A Lucas Davenport Novel

John Sandford

Random House Large Print


April 2018

ISBN# 978-0-5255-9378-2

Large Trade Paperback (also available in hardback, audio book, and eBook formats)

512 Pages (497 pages of actual story)




Material supplied by the good folks of the Dallas Library System.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2018


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