Dev Haskell was still asleep when his cellphone went off in the front pocket of his jeans where he had left them on the floor. He had much rather be back asleep in the bed next to Heidi, but the woman on the cell phone just keeps talking. She gradually makes inroads into his sleep fogged brain and he slowly realizes a girl he knew from high school long ago could be in real trouble.

Zoe Lawlor, who he knew as “Twink,” was his date for the Prom. A date that, all things considered, went surprisingly well and ended in an unexpected way. 48 hours later she was gone and he has not heard of or seen her since. He soon learns that she is wanted by the cops for another matter which means the police can’t be involved according to her friend. Among other things, Twink was doing some modeling work for a guy who, though he paid well, was apparently into some shady stuff of his own. Collette is sure something is very wrong and Dev Haskell agrees to work the case. A case that will get more and more complicated as he moves around the St. Paul area.

This is a very good short story clearly written to interest the reader in the several Dev Haskell novels. It works for that as well as well as on its own as a solidly good read tale. Twinkle Toes: Dev Haskell Short Mystery features an occasionally slightly sarcastic private investigator, a damsel in distress, and plenty of suspects in a fun read.

Twinkle Toes: Dev Haskell Short Mystery
Mike Faricy
Credit River Publishing
October 11, 2014
26 Pages (estimated)

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Kevin R. Tipple ©2014

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