If you have read Mike Monson’s work before such as The Scent Of New Death and What Happens In Reno you pretty know what to expect with Tussinland. You expect some seriously flawed human beings, plenty of violence, some sex, and a crime spree or two. Tussinland delivers on all that while mixing in some social commentary ab out life these days in the world of social media. It also explains how one might be able to use a certain cough syrup in a highly inappropriate way that is very contrary to all the warnings on the bottle and packaging.

Of course, Paul Dunn does live in Modesto, California, his flaming disaster of a marriage is over, and he is forced to live with his very odd mother, Mavis while being unemployed due to a back injury. Fortunately, she does not own a motel, but her house is bad enough. One can’t blame him for wanting to use a certain cough syrup in mind altering amounts in order to escape reality.

If things weren’t bad enough for Paul, he is soon the number one murder suspect in the violent deaths of his ex-wife, Tina Dunn, and her new boyfriend, Mark Pisko. To the police and the average person reading the online news sites and commenting, it looks like Paul, despite the restraining order, made good on his threats to kill his ex and her lover. Being brought in for questioning by Detective Fagan is bad enough, but things are about to get way worse in this very twisted read.

Tussinland is the latest example of Mike Monson’s deep love and affection for the city of Modesto, California and its people. Filled with very twisted characters—Paul might just be the most stable of the bunch— plenty of violence, evil doers, and more, the book is one heck of a read that is also full of social commentary. It also seems to this reviewer that Tarantino ought to talk to Mr. Monson about a movie deal or two.

Mike Monson
All Due Respect
October 2014
ASIN: B00O9E6192
E-Book (Print also available)
296 Pages

E-book supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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