I was talking to a fairly successful author a couple of days ago, and he was explaining his personal theory on the art of writing. His sage advice was start simple, start with crafting vignettes, small bites at the bigger apple, the holy grail of creating a full length novel. He went on to add that when you take this approach you may well see an idea emerge, one that can form a cornerstone for that elusive larger work.

I think Patricia Scott comes from the same mindset. Turns And Twists is a series of short stories, some are only a couple of pages long. All though leave you wanting more. This is a very good start indeed. There are also some interesting themes that weave their way through the book.

Two stories in particular caught my attention Brenda and She’s Coming Home!! These two tales take a look at the same event, but through very different colored glasses. In fact I would go so far as to say that Patricia Scott could use them as the cornerstone for a full length novel.

Several of her stories take us into the realm of science fantasy, although the individual stories are not directly related, once again I could see them as the roots of a larger adventure.

I do not like to include ‘spoilers’ in my reviews, so I tend to pick my words with care, but I will say that the author certainly hits some interesting chords in The Apartment. This is the perfect adventure into the Twilight Zone.

Fantasy takes the reader in a completely different direction. Most people at one time or another have daydreamed about what would happen if they won the lottery. I know I certainly have whiled away my time mulling over the prospect. Patricia Scott shares her slightly cynical views on the subject. How would you react if someone knocked on your door explaining that they had $10 million dollars for you?

All in all I give Turns And Twists very high marks, I will be watching to see what direction Patricia Scott takes in her literary career. This first sample shows a high level of talent, I am sure we are going to hear more from this author.

I for one would love to see her flesh out Brenda and She’s Coming Home!! into a full length novel. The subject matter is one that has been talked about before, the ugly world of spousal abuse, in this case the young lady becomes not so much a wife, but a pawn in the game of prostitution.

Does her mother know? Does her mother even suspect?

It is a haunting and all too real subject.

Which ever direction Patricia Scott does decide to head in, you can rest assured that it will be well crafted.

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Simon Barrett

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