Cartoons are funny. Both in that they make us laugh and that so much can be conveyed through what is often little more than a simple drawing. Editorial cartoons are, at least in some senses, the purest distillation of an idea. It is for that reason that they can carry such power and impact. There are fewer comic strips out there who pack a greater idealogical punch than Lloyd Dangle’s Troubletown.

Now the weekly musings and troubles of Lloyd Dangle are available in his new collection of comics, Troubletown Told You So. This incredible book is worth the read. The things Dangle says would be admirable if they were being said today because of what the Bush Administration has done, but the fact that he said these things far before most other people were saying them rockets Lloyd Dangle into the stratosphere of far-seeing social critics. He took a lot of heat for saying these things, but it ends up that he was on the forefront of those who were correct about the ramifications of those who were correct about everything from troop armor in Iraq to diapered monkeys running for President.

Troubletown presents comic after comic which are hilarious, yet often heartbreakingly so, because the most absurd and irrational possible scenarios being recounted are not drawn from his imagination, but from the minds of Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz, and whatever it would be said that George W. Bush has.

Lloyd Dangle’s collection is funny, it’s poignant, it’s amazing, it’s damn near clairvoyant. But most of all, it’s true.

If there was ever a comic which deserved to be read at this moment in history, it’s Troubletown. After all, it did tell us so.

The book is available at

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