Approximately a year after the events of Northwest Angle finds Cork O’Connor once again dealing with the weighty issues of family, friendship, and survival in the wilderness of the North Country of Minnesota. It took Jubal Little three hours to die. Plenty of time for a man to confess his sins, make peace with the past, and more while siting against a rock at Trickster’s Point.


Cork O’Connor may have thought about killing Jubal Little. He may have gone to the site for a lot of reasons – including having it out with the man who might have been the first Native American elected governor of Minnesota. But, Cork O’Connor didn’t kill him. Even if others don’t understand why he stayed there with Jubal and watched him die without going for help. Even if the distinctive handmade arrow in Jabal’s chest indicates Cork did.


Cork is being set up and knows it even if most members of law enforcement don’t see it that way. Jubal Little had a long list of public adversaries because of who he was and what he planned to do as governor. There are also private adversaries that not that many know about. Ones that go back to childhood when Cork and Jubal, both fatherless, grew up together and formed a bond that still connected them deep into adulthood.  The list of potential real suspects is long and Cork has to investigate on his own to clear his name while law enforcement finds more and more evidence against Cork.


Shifting in time through the extensive use of flashbacks, author William Kent Krueger tells a complicated tale of past friendship, murder, and political advantage in his latest book.  A book that also shows the Cork family changing in so many ways.  Things are moving forward with his expanded family and yet Cork continues to get himself into situations that his son would prefer he stay out. Cork can’t help it. It is in his blood.


Another good book in the series, Trickster’s Point is a complicated and often highly atmospheric read as it moves slowly forward.  Much is made of the always present Indian heritage as well as past history of several characters. While this twelfth novel in the series could be read as a standalone those who have read the proceeding books starting with Iron Lake will get considerably more out of this latest effort.


Trickster’s Point: A Novel

William Kent Krueger

Atria Books (Simon and Schuster)


ISBN# 978-1-4516-4567-5

Hardback (also available as e-book)

329 Pages




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