Picking up a short while after The Guns Of Retribution, Bounty Hunter Grey O’Donnell is on the trail and heading into Bentley, Colorado in To Kill A Dead Man. He and Billy Cole are hoping to find the notorious Cyrus Guthrie. The final member of the gang that bore his name, he has left a trail of bodies and innocent lives ruined in his wake. Whether he is responsible for the bloody boot they have just found on the trail or not isn’t clear, but Grey O’Donnell isn’t about to follow Billy’s suggestion that they investigate the surrounding woods. Instead, he wants to go to town and see if they can get some information about where Guthrie is hiding and locate somebody that is familiar with these woods outside of town.to-kill-a-dead-man


The bar in the old mining town is pretty busy. Most of the daytime drinkers in “The Rose” are miners. Men that one would expect in the middle of the day to be up working in the mine are instead drinking and playing cards. They are not working because word is that the mine is haunted so the miners do not want to work. What is happening up at the mine isn’t the only strange thing going on in and around Bentley in To Kill A Dead Man by Icy Sedgwick.


While The Guns Of Retribution was a straight forward western and a very good one, this second novel in the series is heavy on the supernatural. Character development for main character Grey O’Donnell is almost nonexistent as the focus in To Kill A Dead Man is on what is haunting the mine and surrounding woods. Primarily a horror tale that just happens to use a western setting, To Kill A Dead Man is a good one if the supernatural or horror type of read works for you. If you want your westerns to primarily be a western tale along traditional lines, then this one might not work so well for you.



To Kill A Dead Man

Icy Sedgewick


Beat To A Pulp


January 2016


eBook (Paperback available)

150 Pages



I picked this up back in April when I had some funds in my Amazon Associate account because I had very much enjoyed the first one in the series. I did not pay attention to the book description and I absolutely should have. As long time readers of my reviews and my blog well know, horror and supernatural reads are not my thing.



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