Thuglit: Issue 4 of the anthology magazine features eight stories from eight talented authors. Edited by Todd Robinson, aka Big Daddy Thug, these tales lean toward the noir side of things. These are stories where the reason why something happens is just as important as the act itself.


Crystal went all the way up to the bedroom in the small attic looking for the guest of honor. In “Through the Perilous Night” by Anton Sim she finds him watching TV, drinking, and clearly not in the mood for company for a very good reason.


Herb has had enough of everything in “Going in Style” by Eric Beetner. While he snapped during a game of gin rummy, the bigger issue is the retirement of home and everything it stands for in the twilight of their lives. He has a plan and wants Charles to go with him. But, Charles isn’t the only one that heard the plan and wants in.


“Bet It All On Black” by Christopher L. Irvin opens with a murder accomplished by drowning the victim. The plan for afterwards is just part of this tale from the Vegas Strip.


Joe is the young new guy who is supposed to drive the in from out of town contract killers around. That and whatever else needs doing in “Brass” by Roger Hobbs.


Despite taking all the precautions she could, Diana, is a bit worried about things in “Under The Bus” by Albert Tucker. Diana Andrews has been in the business for a while now and isn’t going to willingly be part of an elaborate political and legal mess if she can help it.


Two old school killers decide it is time to settle things in “Gallows Point” by Sam Wiebe. The Old Man and the Bastard have a long and complicated history so the final battle will be epic.


Patti Abbott is next with her increasingly dark tale “Allure Furs.” Iris needed a job for spending money that would help out at home. Employment has its rewards and its dangers like any job does, but this job is not run of the mill.
For Rex speeding down the open road is something he must do. The reasons why are complicated in “Of Being Darker Than Light” by Garrett Crowe.


These eight stories are followed by a short section of author bios, the editor bio, and suggestions of other books from various publishers. These eight noir stories in Thuglit: Issue 4 are all very good and feature rich characters dealing with people and events the best they can do. What some would consider in moral or illegal is fairly normal for these characters. Characters that are looking to survive despite the hand they have been dealt.


Thuglit: Issue 4

Editor Todd Robinson

Thuglit Publishing

February 2013


E-Book (Print available)

108 Pages (estimated)




Material was picked up during the editor’s recent free read promotion.



Kevin R. tipple ©2013

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