Five short mystery stories make up the Three-Minute Mysteries Bonus Pack by Stephen D. Rodgers. Each short mystery is designed to give the reader enough clues to solve the case. Once you think you have the mystery figured out, you turn the page, and see if the solution is the one you came up with to solve the case.3 minute mysteries bonus pack

Store owner Alice Mendoza needs to forget about her insurance claim to focus on the questions of Police Detective Carol Simmons. In “Think Globally, Steal Locally” an armed robbery of a store that specializes in hand-crafted items from all over the world has few suspects.

Stacy is the new widow in “A Dying Clue.” Detective Laura McKinley has to figure out what role, if any the restaurant partly owned by Stacy’s husband, Matt, played in the death.

The Boss is dead in “Cream of The Crop.” Detectives Wilson and Handler have to go figure out who killed Mr. Baldwin at work.

As in the first tale, robbery is also the subject of the “All-Knowing Eye” where Detective Pamela Yates tries to catch the thief that hit the Nyman House. A character name change part of the way through the story is not a clue though the error does mar the read a little bit.

It is a far different world than Officer Dana Cooke is used to as she does perimeter duty in “Models of Bad Behavior.” Blending into the background and being ignored by several suspects who just can’t be quiet could be a very good thing for her career wise.

The tales in the Three-Minute Minute Mysteries Bonus Pack are all good ones. Author Stephen D. Rodgers makes sure that there are multiple possible suspects in each tale who are capable of various crimes. An entertaining and fast read, the book moves quickly and offers quite a few surprises.

Three-Minute Minute Mysteries Bonus Pack
Stephen D. Rodgers
March 2015
25 Pages

Amazon reports that I picked this up in the middle of August to read and review. I have no idea now how I came across it, but am sure I saw it online somewhere.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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