Tropical storm Irene is bearing down on Vermont as Three Can Keep a Secret: A Joe Gunter Novel opens. For Joe Gunther and his team from the Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI) the storm means all hands on deck for anything and everything and that include them. It is only after the storm is over and the residents begin to recover that the teams’ investigative skills are put to work.


In one case a very long term patient known as “The Governor” who was housed at a mental health facility has apparently walked away from the place. In another a retired political bigwig who had ties “The Governor” has suddenly died. Not entirely unexpectedly as he had health issues, but the timing is a little strange. And then there is the uncovered coffin at a graveyard. A coffin that, while it does not contain a body, is completely filled with rocks.


As the residents struggle to recover despite the chaos and destruction caused by widespread damaging floods, Joe Gunther and his team move from lifesaving to investigating the various situations. Cases with no easy answers and in at least one case more deaths to come.


The latest in this long running series is another solidly good one. While billed as a “Joe Gunther Novel” as has been the case in recent books the read is just as much about the team as Joe Gunther. While some relationships between various long running characters are evolving, no new real ground is unearthed here in the 24rth book of the series. The primary focus, once one gets past the storm, is the various mysteries at work here in the complicated and very good book.


Three Can Keep A Secret: A Joe Gunther Novel

Archer Mayor

Minotaur Books

October 2013

ISBN# 978-1-250-02613-2


336 Pages




My supreme thanks to Lesa Holstine who provided the ARC after I was lucky enough to win it during a recent contest.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2013

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