Bloomington, Indiana should be nothing more than a quiet college town.  It had been until a strange flashing star began to light up the night as well as daytime sky. A star that can’t be seen anywhere else on Earth. Strange events are also happening in a local wooded area.  All too soon it becomes very personal to Christine Grace because something very strange is happening to her as well.


She could be losing her mind.


That would be the easy explanation.


Maybe the strange events are happening because Christine has been targeted by some sort of dark creature known as the “Greachin.” Maybe the strange events are because she has allies and just does not know it just yet. While Christine struggles to hold on to her sanity, the creature grows stronger day by day making it harder for her to survive.


Filled with interesting characters, constant shifting between character viewpoints, and discussions of religion and science, this story billed as a “dark urban fantasy” moves forward at a rapid pace. Not all questions are answered to completely tie everything off, but one wonders how the series can move forward based on how this book ended.  As very clearly noted in the book description, this book is not intended for anyone other than adult readers. That means there is adult language, drinking, and other character activities that may offend some readers.


Ordinarily this is not the kind of book I would read.  Based on my tastes and preferences this would be classified as a horror novel and not something I would touch. However, I contracted to read it and proof it for typos after the author was informed by a reader there were “tons” of spelling errors.  There was not at all in the version I recently read and proofed.  In fact, I found far fewer than many books I have read recently released from the major publishing houses.


Because I enjoyed the read, despite being the totally wrong audience for it, I broke my long standing policy of not reviewing works I had any part in because I only proofed this read for misspelled words.  No other editing services were provided or asked for regarding this very interesting and enjoyable book.



This Brilliant Darkness

Red Tash

Kindle E-Book

September 7, 2011



Material supplied, as noted above, by the author for spelling review purposes.



Kevin R. Tipple © 2011

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