Nothing much happens in Fort Davis, Texas or in the surrounding Jeff Davis County. People drift in, stay awhile, and leave. Ralph MacAfee hadn’t thought of the Cynds—Melvin and Judith—until he was reminded of them by Jerry Miles over at the local bookstore. It was only then that Ralph realized he hadn’t seen them in as long as a couple of years. 


Miles tells Ralph about how Melvin had been looking for an obscene book by J. Frank Dobie and Miles had come across it. When he went to try to reach Melvin, he could not get ahold of him. He had been trying several times over a couple of months and never has been able to get ahold of him. He has also been talking to the local real estate guy and the property has not been sold.


Ralph MacAfee is spooked by all of this and decides to go out to the Cynd place up on a mesa outside of town. The drive out to the mesa about ten miles outside of town is easy enough, but the drive up the last little bit onto the mesa is quite an adventure. Being the county coroner means Ralph has a truck with four-wheel drive to get up and over the abrupt edge of the mesa. What he finds up there changes everything they in They No Here: A Short Story by George Wier.


Known for having a touch of the supernatural in his long running Bill Travis Mystery Series that began long ago with The Last Call as well as in numerous short stories, George Wier does in again in this short story. Couple that fact with his usual ability to create a sense of place in a few quick sentences as well as conjure up a strong mystery makes it very clear that George Wier is again weaving his storytelling magic in They No Here: A Short Story. The result is a fun read that entertains from start to finish.


They No Here: A Short Story

George Wier

Flagstone Books

May 2017

ASIN: B0719P764J


16 Pages



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Kevin R. Tipple ©2017


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