Last seen in the excellent Nights Of The Red Moon sheriff Bo Handel of Caddo County, Texas returns in These Mortal Remains. Beauregard “Bo” Handel has been sheriff more than thirty years and brooks no interference from the fools in Austin or Washington. He knows the people of his southeast Texas county and they know him. He also knows that sometimes people due amazingly stupid things. Things that can get them killed.


That is exactly what happened to a pair of idiots by the name of Topper Smith and Mean Dean Bean. When they tried to rob the Royal early one morning, Dual Driggers refused to get on the floor like everyone else because of his arthritis. Then he pulled out a 45. Colt automatic and the man who had been on the beach at Normandy on D-Day made quick work of them  before going back to eating his breakfast. While their crime spree is over, their deaths will be the first two dominoes to fall in a far reaching and complicated case that will interest those at the local, state and national level in various branches of law enforcement. This is the kind of case that can make or break careers under the harsh spotlight of the national media and Sheriff Bo Handel does not care. This is his county, his people, and he is going to do the job he was elected to do his way.


These Mortal Remains is another excellent read from Texas author Milton T. Burton. Rich in details with numerous plots twists; this latest read showcases an author at the top of his form. When Milton wrote fiction it was with honesty and conviction that not only provided one heck of a story, it also told cultural truths of the time of the book as well as today. It is also sadly true that Milton Burton is an author who is no longer with us as explained in the preface written by Texas author George Wier.


I knew Milton Burton and was honored to have been his friend. Before he passed away far too soon, Milton would call me on a regular basis a couple of times a month from his home in Tyler, Texas. His gravelly voice would boom across the miles as he inquired as to my family and my fiction writing. Writing, history, and many other topics deeply interested Milton who never stopped teaching. I deeply miss those talks and the man I never got to sit with in person. I have a feeling that somewhere Milton is cackling with derision at the politicians and writing yet more great stories.




These Mortal Remains

Milton Burton

Minotaur Books (A Thomas Dunne Book)


ISBN# 978-1-250-00638-7

Hardback  (also available as e-book)

300 Pages



Review copy was provided by George Wier for my use in an objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2013

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