I flicked through the first few pages of this book, and decided to run a very unscientific poll. I asked several people that I know “Do you believe in ghosts”. Pretty much this unscientific method revealed that about 1/3 do, 1/3 don’t, and the other 1/3 could not care less.

Do I believe in them? I honestly don’t know. Ghosts are like many things in our mythic based culture. Some might argue that man created them to satisfy a need to understand, accept, and pigeon hole a problem that was not readily explainable, ‘What happens in death’. Indeed there is something darkly romantic in the concept of someones spirit remaining on earth following an untimely demise. Not usually to seek revenge, just understanding, and very occasionally justice.

Ghosts are fickle entities to say the least, few of us have ever encountered them. In my case, the things that go bump in the night is usually a stray cat tipping the garbage over. But that is not to cast doubt on their existence, maybe I do not have the unique psychic equipment to sense them.

Author Melissa Van Rossum on the other hand seems to have a very acute sense of ethereal energy, and Their Way Home takes us on an exploration of some of her encounters, and advices us on what we should do.

Ghosts in her estimation are spirits that for one reason or another, do not, or do not think they can, or want to, move on to the other side. This has nothing to do with heaven or hell, it is just indecision. Some stay as a way of atonement to loved ones they have left, some stay feeling cheated by circumstances, and some stay because they don’t know how to cross over to the other side.

Yes, I remain skeptical, books like this are long on narrative, high on inconsequential facts, and very short on hard facts. However, my skepticism has been tempered somewhat, because unless I am very mistaken, someone that I know is mentioned in this book.

Their Way Home breaks down into three very distinct parts. It begins with stories of Melissa Van Rossum’s experiences in showing ghosts the way to cross over to the other side and her own self discovery of her abilities. Part two explores how others have encountered ethereal loved ones, and her own experience with dealing with the death of a near relative. Finally part three is ‘how to’ and explanation of the process.

Their Way Home, makes for an entertaining read, that’s for sure. Do I buy into it? That part I am not convinced about. I do know that there are many things that even with our advanced technology still are unexplained. While the Gypsy fortune teller at the fairground is likely a con, what about Nostradamus. In that same vein, cold fusion is pooh poohed by the scientific community, yet creating mass out of nothing ‘the big bang theory’ is all the rage. We as humans have much to learn.

You can get your copy of Their Way Home from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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