Thinking Outside The Box For Preteens

Our modern world is a wondrous place for a child to grow up in, there is so much to see, do, and learn. Alas it is also a world of the unexpected, a world where not everything is positive and fulfilling.

If you go into the Self Help section of any large book store, or browse on line, there are hundreds, even thousands of books on the subject of raising children and dealing with adversity. Unfortunately most of these well intentioned works are written by experts in the field and dry and clinical in style.

Carol MacAllister has adopted a very different approach in her Wisdom Tree And The Red Swing. She has written it as a novel. The setting is a small town, and the characters are the people who live there. Each have their own adversity to face and through the wisdom of an old oak tree finds solutions to their problems.

Carol broaches many different subjects, the school bully, dealing with divorce or death of a parent, even childhood obesity.

On the edge of town is a hill, at the very top grows an large oak tree, no one knows its age, it has always been there! Local folklore claims that the tree can talk, it can help you with whatever you problem might be. To the locals it is simply known as the Wisdom Tree. The simple swing anchored from a low branch is even rumored to have magical properties. To swing on it will change your mood. You will see not just the town, but yourself in a new light.

One by one the children and some adults pay homage to the mighty Oak and each learns a valuable lesson. It is possible to change the world, but that change must come from within. By changing yourself, you can change how other perceive you, and in doing so you have changed the world.

I do plan on interviewing Carol MacAllister and there is a question that I most certainly will be asking her. I am one of those strange people that consumes a book from cover to cover, no aspect is too trivial for consideration. The cover art, the font, the dedication, these are all things that I look at. What caught my beady eyes was the suggested category of Young Adult / Fiction. I believe that Carol is doing herself a disservice, while The Wisdom Tree could indeed be enjoyed by the Young Adult sector I believe that the target market should be parents of preteen children.

This book is a treasure trove of information and ideas on coping with the adversity that life can throw at you. Carol uses everyday situations and without resorting to the clinical sterility that many authors do presents a simple and easy to understand solution.

Oh, I can already hear you say “But my problem is unique”. I am sure that to you, it is. The Wisdom Tree does not cover every conceivable situation, but it looks at some of the most common categories of problems that children may face. You can use The Wisdom Tree to learn how to become your own wisdom tree.

In many ways this book encapsulates issues into four components: Cause, Effect, Action, and Result. Oops, I just became more clinical than the author! I’ll stop right now and suggest that you buy this very well written book.

You can click on the Amazon link above to order your copy of The Wisdom Tree And The Red Swing by Carol MacAllister.

Simon Barrett

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