Weaver Conspiracy CoverJust when you thought there were no more ways to spin a presidential assassination comes this gripping thriller by Ken Blaisdell.

Quoting from the publisher’s press release, “…Claire Bradley, an agent with the US Secret Service, is a strong intelligent woman who has greatness thrust upon her when her heroic actions are broadcast on live TV during an attempt on the President’s life. Humbly maintaining that she was just doing her job, the calculating First Lady nonetheless manipulates Bradley into the ‘poster girl’ position of media spokesperson for the investigative task force, so that her status as hero du jour will help to pull in votes for her husband. But Bradley is far more independent and strong-willed than the First Lady, or anyone else has bargained for. She holds to her tenet that ‘the truth must never be compromised,’ and digs through a tangled web of false leads, misinformation, and outright lies, to get to a truth that even Bradley is reluctant to believe when the web finally unravels.”

Believe me, there’s much more to the story than that short blurb can relate. The detail and coverage Blaisdell gives to the joint task force covering the assassination attempt, as well as the subplot involvement of several other foreign entities gives the story depth without drowning in too much detail. I found the character development captivating and realistic. The title comes from the well known quote from Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832),

“O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

The author does a fine job of being a weaver himself by intertwining the main whodunit plot with several subplots covering budding romance, political stacking, and more. I would say this book has a Tom Clancy flavor but without the endless details, making the 400 pages easy to get through. Another hint of Clancy flavoring is the climactic adventure which doesn’t let go until it’s really over. If this book were made into a movie it would be next to the Bourne Identity movies at the video store (Jodie Foster would make a great Claire Bradley).

I highly recommend the book, and share that for me it was one of those hard to put down books. The Weaver Conspiracy is published by Outskirts Press and is available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble (bn.com) as well as from the author at http://www.kenblaisdell.com

Dino R. Federico


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