Letting Go, Easing Stress, And Building Strength

This is actually a makeover of the 1994 release ‘A Little Book Of Forgiveness’, with an additional 15 years to reflect on the subject D. Patrick Miller has updated his ideas and strategies. Forgiveness is a complex subject, and the reasons for wanting to pursue forgiveness are complex beyond measure.

I am a relatively average person, and I will be the first to admit that I do hold grudges against a few people, some relatively new, some many years old. I do not spend every waking hour consuming myself with ways to get even, but on occasion the memory of what happened will pop into my mind, and off I go plotting evil strategies for revenge, or rethinking the events so that I could have turned them to my advantage. I know that it is a pointless waste of time, what happened 15 years ago, or even 30 years ago cannot be undone. But human nature is a strange thing, we are drawn into wanting to avenge the wrongs that we perceive were committed against us, or our loved ones.

The Way Of Forgiveness explores the subject of forgiveness though eyes that are 20/20. Author D. Patrick Miller makes a great observation:

“Forgive and Forget” is a popular distortion of the work of surrendering grievances. The real process is “remember fully and forgive.” If it were actually possible to forget everything you forgave, you could teach very little to others seeking freedom from their resentments

I have to complement D. Patrick Miller on his style of writing. Often this kind of book becomes a tedious and wordy treatise running hundreds of pages and full of pseudo science. This rendition is just over 100 pages, and consists largely of small easy to understand and digest concepts.

I did try a very unscientific test after finishing the book. I am not prepared to forgive the more egregious acts at this time, but I did decide to put them all to the side for 24 hours. As soon as one popped into my mind, I put it back in the forgotten bucket. The results were interesting to say the least. I had a very happy day, 24 hours where I was not aggravated by anything. I know that this is not a subject that is specifically addressed in The Way Of Forgiveness, but I can attest to the effectiveness.

With Christmas almost upon us, this is the ideal time to put those grudges to one side, reflect on the good things in life, and forgive the bad. Forgiveness is maybe the most powerful tool in our possession, yet we all tend to use it unwisely.

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Simon Barrett

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