Green Stone Of Healing Series – Book One

Candace Talmadge has four books in print, and I decided to take them in order. Sure, I know that sounds sensible, but what tends to happen is that you pick up the latest book by an author and work backwards, I have no clue how many times I have fallen into this trap!

Candace is an interesting lady, there are few people I can think of that can publish a set of four books in a four year period, that are all are well written, edited and highly readable. I was about half way through The Vision when my phone rang, it was the author, we had an interesting talk. She was somewhat concerned that her books have a female as the protagonist, and me, being a male might be critical. She explained that the fairer sex are not just about shopping and sex! I have to admit that I did get a huge chuckle out of the conversation.

The Vision
takes us into an as yet undiscovered world, it most certainly is Science Fantasy, but has its roots very much in one possible future for mankind. There are no elves, dwarfs, and other sideshows, there are only people, people with agendas, some good, some not quite as well meaning.

Helen Andros is a medical doctor, yes she has access to antibiotics, syringes, and various other tools that our doctors today use, but she also relies on herbs and potions.

The large island that she lives on is a fractured place, two races, two very different mind sets, she sits in the middle, she is a half-cast, and to many an outcast. Oh, doesn’t that all sound like so many parts of the world today?

Helen is a gifted physician, and when asked to ‘cross’ the race boundary to treat an ailing Prince she does so, even though she is not by any means comfortable, it seems like a no win prospect. Without revealing much of the plot, I think it is fair to say that her fears are well founded.

It does not take her long to find herself involved not just in a power struggle, but a fight for her very life.

Accused of the capital crime of setting foot inside a sacred city without the proper credentials, there are are a number of officials that want nothing more than to see her dead, lhis one young lady represents a threat to some powerful people. Who is Helen Andros?

Having aquired some albeit unnessaceery attention, our heroine must face friends and foes in high places. Both of which help Helen understand her past, and maybe her future.

I enjoy books that are well crafted, and The Vision certainly makes that grade. For an entry into the book world, I have nothing but praise for Candace Talmadge. In our recent phone call she expressed concern, her main characters are female, how would people react to that?

I actually think that Candace worries far too much. If you look back in history, or even the current world, there are many women of note. Helen Andros is a strong character and Candace Talmadge has done a wonderful job of character development. Azgard may well be a fictional land, but Helen Andros is most certainly a very real strong and well developed  character that I think will shine through in the rest of the series.

The author has also included a glossary of terms, characters, and places which I thought was a great addition, it adds another layer to the story and explains some of the nuances that the reader might have missed in the text. To me this bonus feature added a great dimension and depth to an already riveting read.

I will be reviewing book 2 of The Green Stone Of Healing series, Fallout in a couple of days.

You can order your copy of The Vision from Amazon. Candace Talmadge also has a web site in support of her books.

Simon Barrett

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