The boy, Tom Baskin, is helpless as the rider approaches one evening near dusk. The boy is hanging by a rope tied to his heels and slung over a branch. Upside down and left to twist on the rope he was put in that position for a reason.


His rescuer, Luther Donnelly, knows the people that the headstrong boy says did it to him and for good reason. They are companions to a man he is hunting to settle a score. It isn’t long before Tom Baskin and Luther Donnelly are working together, not to settle their respective scores, but to move a herd of cattle to market so that the local Mormons can pay their title to the church. Once that is done for people that Luther Connelly cares a lot about and are in real need, they then can go about their business. Vengeance is just going to have to wait.


The Tithing Herd by J. R. Lindermuth is a compelling western read regarding faith and perseverance. What begins as a simple vengeance story turns into a a multi layered desperate quest to save the life of a loved one featuring a number of complicated and nuanced characters. The read is s a compelling western tale where good triumphs over evil in small and big ways.


Unfortunately, after the closure of Western Online Press this very good book is no longer available. The author reports that he is seeking another publisher or may end up self-publishing it. Either option would be great, as this very good book deserves to be read by many more folks.


I have had this book for quite some time. I am not sure now whether I bought it or it was picked up during a sale or exactly how I got this copy to read and review.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2016

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