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The Law Of Attraction is one that very much is part of what I like to refer to as the ‘New Age’ philosophy, a little research actually puts it in the ‘box’ of ‘New Thought’. For the most part I give the New Agers a bit of a wide berth. They are nice folks, and I have nothing against candles and crystals, I have even attended some New Age music events. I like traditional Indian music, particularly the Sitar. It is a most mystical instrument. However that is about as far as my involvement goes.

The Law Of Attraction has been around for over one hundred years, although it took Oprah Winfrey to put it on the map in 2006 when she started promoting the DVD The Secret.

I won’t bore you with the definition of The Law Of Attraction, instead I will give you my thumbnail sketch, luck is not a lucky event, luck is created by effort. How you interact with others generates luck. I am a huge believer in this concept. It is better to give than receive is a mantra that I heard as a child. I have read many books that use this concept, to give unconditionally reaps large rewards. I am actually a practitioner of the concept. I have found that by giving, I receive much more in return.

The S.T.A.R. Powered Twins is an unusual book, both in scope and technique. It is aimed at very young readers, yet also aimed at parents. The greatest gift that a parent can give their child is the gift of knowledge. One of the best starting points is learning to read. Words are wonderful, the greater a child’s vocabulary, the more they learn, and the greater their ability to make wise decisions become.

The S.T.A.R Powered Twins is about words and concepts. Young children have brains like sponge, if you can engage them in a concept, they willingly absorb the information. Dorothy Lecours actually decodes S.T.A.R. For the reader:


Indeed these are very important concepts. To put the engine of a young child’s mind into drive is a goal that every parent should have. Dorothy Lecours uses the skills of illustrator Chrisann Zaubi to bring the book to life. Every picture has concepts and words that can be turned into a learning experience, while still maintaining the entertainment factor.

This is likely not a book that a learning reader could tackle by themselves, it is a book that needs an adult to help describe the landscape that is being laid out.

To believe in yourself is the greatest concept that a young child can have. The words No, Not, Can’t and Don’t are incredibly negative, yet almost always you can convert them to positive thoughts such as You are… or you can.

I was told once, and have read many times, you can be ‘whoever you want to be’.  It is true, set your sights high, and make it happen! Make it happen for your children. You don’t have to be a ‘New Ager’ to find value in  The S.T.A.R Powered Twins. In fact I suspect that playing up the ‘Law Of Attraction’ was not the best idea. At best it is ancillary to the message contained in the book.

You can order your copy from Amazon, just click on the link above.

Simon Barrett

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