While writers of the southwest in particular write of the broiling heat of summer, writers of a Minnesota background seem to write about the brutal cold of the winter.  That brutal cold of the winter is certainly a factor in a number of stories here but not in all of them.  The stories do share a number of clues that had to be encompassed in each story.  I’m not going to ruin the clue list by explaining it here but it’s a good one.  So too are the stories in this anthology.

Carl Brookins who, among other things, wrote the excellent comedic mystery novel “The Case Of  The Greedy Lawyers” which I have reviewed here and elsewhere contributes “A Winter’s Tale.”  For the recluse, the snowstorm is bad enough but he really doesn’t need to find the lost traveler nearly dead in his barn.

For Kaye Brock, her past is known by all in “Take Me Out” by Lori L. Lake.  Being an ex-con has its burdens as does living up to expectations of others.

Then, there is David Housewright’s tale “A Domestic Matter”.  Jack is convinced his wife wants him dead.  Reporter Dan Thorn doesn’t believe his old friend at first and then follows the reporter’s credo to take lots of notes as it’s going to be important later.

This anthology also features stories by M.D. Lake, Mary Logue, William Kent Krueger, Judith Guest, Monica Ferris, K. J. Erickson, Ellen Hart, Deborah Woodworth, Kerri Miller, and Pat Dennis.  In each of the thirteen stories, some of the clues are the same and yet each author goes in very different directions.  While the stories share clues, they also share the fact that almost all of them are highly atmospheric noir style reads.  Maybe it’s the cold.  Maybe it’s the short daylight hours. But this is a dark read that should be savored in front of a roaring fireplace.  Just make sure you can keep an eye on your surroundings while you are reading.

The Silence Of The Loons

By The Minnesota Crime Wave

Nodin Press


Large Trade Paperback

ISBN# 1-932472-36-3

225 Pages

Kevin R. Tipple © 2008

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