I am not particularly political by nature, I tend to view all politicians through my skeptical, aging and not very rosy glasses. Politics has a nasty habit of being Orwellian by its very nature. “Four legs good” George Orwell explains in Animal Farm. That slogan however is added too later by the politicians “Four legs good, two legs better” the Pigs declare when they start to walk upright.

In another book 1984 Orwell introduces us to the society of the future. A huge government controlled world. A key element was the Ministry Of Truth (Minitru). It was the tool to ensure that citizens were kept informed of current events, and to update History when needed.

Of course ‘1984’ was complete fiction. It has enthralled school kids for decades, but its just a book! Right?

Well, it is a book that unfortunately has proven quite accurate in explaining the inner workings of a technologically aware government. This is well explained by Mondo Frazier in his latest release The Secret Life Of Barack Hussein Obama.

On the back cover is the tag line:

Welcome To Barack Hussein Obama’s America

Of course you could substitute the name of just about every president in the past 100 years and have that same great slogan!

Ronald Reagan desperately trying to score a touchdown with the ‘Nuclear Football’ that JFK era had put into play. The years of the ‘shrubbery wars’ instigated by the various Bush’s to assert the might of the US. Oh, and of course the Clinton era of determining that a Blow Job in the oval office was not sex!

America was ready for a change. And in 2008, the people spoke loud and clear, Barack Obama was the shining light that would lead the country, and indeed the world into a new era of peace and prosperity. But that has not quite come to pass. Instead we have more loose ends than a TV soap opera. It is ‘As The World Churns’ meets ‘Days Of Our Screwed Up Lives’.

It would have been easy for Mondo Frazier to bang out a scathing, self published, poorly researched, rushed to print, opus on the subject. But that was not the route he selected. Instead he has created a very well researched and thoughtful look at our President.

My mother had a saying when I was young “Never judge a book by its cover”. This had nothing whatsoever to do with the written word, it was about judging people by how they look and dress, rather than what was inside of them. I have adopted that saying, however I have modified the meaning to fit my needs as a book reviewer. I do look at the cover, I do look at and the text outside of the actual work, I also look at who the publishing house is. These all give clues to the contents within.

The first thing that caught my eye was that The Secret Life Of Barack Hussein Obama was not some badly printed and poorly packaged diatribe. Rather it is a very nice hardback and the publisher is a Simon & Schuster imprint! For a very large publishing house to take on a first time author… well it is what I refer to as an AOG (Act Of God)!

Stunned, I sat down and read it.

Mondo Frazier is neither a ‘Birther’ nor a ‘Truther’, these being the terms coined by the various conspiracy theorists. He is instead a ‘realist’. A very good friend of mine has a saying ‘The truth can not be forgotten, but a lie must be remembered’. It was with this in mind that delved into The Secret Life Of Barack Hussein Obama, what I found, disturbed me. There are more holes in Obama’s life history than a beggars socks!

Records are lost, records are missing, and even the anecdotal evidence is AWOL. Simple things like pictures in school yearbook, classmates with embarrassing stories of ‘derring do’, missing! So where are they?

The great author John Le Carre introduced the word ‘legend’ when talking about a persons background. Le Carre was of course talking about the Spy World, you cannot infiltrate an organization without a ‘legend’, a background. Le Carre wrote fiction, however, he is not far from the mark.

Ever heard of the Witness Protection Program? It is glorified by Hollywood, but the reality is far different. I know this from talking to several ex-gangsters, both in and out of the WPP. There are always holes in the ‘legend’.

Of course there are also holes in someones real history. I have long since lost the certificates for passing a bunch of school exams known as ‘O’ Levels that I obtained more that 4 decades ago. But it would be easy to offer collaborating evidence. Every few months I receive an email that asks, are you the Simon Barrett that I went to school with, and we (fill in the sin)?

That was not the situation that Mondo Frazier found himself in though while researching this book. Barack Obama is a mystery. No one seems to remember him.

Why not?

The Secret Life Of Barack Hussein Obama is a book that people need to read. It is not particularly political in nature, it is just thought provoking. And without doubt the most ‘thought provoking’ aspect is… if it is a pile of rubbish, why would the venerable house of Simon & Schuster sign on?

The book also makes some references to another equally disturbing political scandal, that of John Edwards. Although Mondo Frazier makes scant reference to his involvement in being the person that broke the story. I know otherwise. The Main Stream Media, would not touch it with a long pole. It was a death knell! However, who turned out to be right? Mondo Frazier!

Great book, well worth reading.  Buy your copy from better bookstores everywhere, or use the Amazon link above. Mondo can also be found at Death By 1000 Papercuts.

Simon Barrett

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