The Green Stone Of Healing Series – Book Three

The Scorpions Strike is actually the third book in the Green Stone Of Healing series. I enjoyed The Vision, and Fallout. This one continues the series flawlessly picking up the story exactly where book two ended.

One observation I have remarked on in a previous review is that while the genre of writing is fantasy Candace Talmage is a highly political writer. The Scorpions Strike may be set in a far off land populated by peoples of her imagination, yet the plot line is very much one of political power struggle. It turns out that there is a very good reason why she writes this way, I discovered that when not entertaining us with fantasy she is indeed a political columnist!

The world she has created in the Green Stone Of Healing series is a complex one. One far more complex in its make up than you would normally expect to find in a fantasy book.

Several authors have taken the route of having a female lead character, but no-one that springs to mind  has taken the route that Candace Talmage has headed in. Candace has females in the lead roles but the world of Kronos is not a female dominated one, in fact it is quite the opposite. The female role is a very subservient one, and violence is rife. If your idea of fantasy if eves, pixies, and all thing nice, this series is not for you. This is ‘R’ rated fantasy. Violence, while not the main focus does play a part in the story line, and some of it is fairly graphic.

In Fallout we found the headstrong Helen Andros finally reaching a bond with the her father, a man that she did not even know existed. Her father is Lord James Mordecai, the Lord Proctor, a powerful man, but a man with powerful enemies.

The Scorpions Strike once more sees Helen Andros and her father Lord James at odds with the powerful religious group The Temple Of Kronos. Lord James stands accused of adultery, the result of which is the half breed Helen Andros. Although the case is proved to be unfounded the pair still receive harsh punishment. So severe that it nearly costs Lord James his life.

We also begin to learn a little more about Helen’s mysterious abilities from Maruari the Mist-Weaver. Helen herself does not understand them, but is beginning to explore them. No doubt we shall learn more in the fourth episode Outcast.

The Green Stone Of Healing was an ambitious project and Candace Talmage deserves great credit. With each book running at around 250 pages she has created a 1000 page saga. Few authors have the capability of writing a 1000 page story without lapsing into huge amounts of repetition and mindless drivel. Candace does neither, the story is fresh and fast moving through out all of the books.

The entire Green Stone Of Healing series is available on Amazon, she also has a web site supporting it Although the books do stand alone I strongly recommend that you read the series in order. You will get a better understanding of the background and life of Helen Andros and the world she lives in.

Simon Barrett

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