The Sassamon Circle 
by Louis Garafalo

Another tight short novel that never drags or hangs about. Its the perfect book for a plane or train trip. There is enough here to keep you interested all the way through. A historical novel that tells the tale of how the Indians and the British colonists got into what is known as “Philip’s War” which had rather dire consequences for the Indians.

As with many such events it was the hotheads on both sides that caused it. A few murders to get people riled up and it all hits the fan. The title of the book is in reference to man who spends his time bridging the two societies; part of neither but essential to both. He speaks all their languages and knows their cultures. Not entirely trusted by either he continually runs the thin line to keep his business and himself alive. In the end he fails and get himself murdered post the happenings in this book.

With a book this short its hard to tell you much of the story lest I ruin it for you. Nonetheless this is a tight little book that rewards the reader in its pace and simplicity. The historical features of the tale make it even more interesting. Its so nice to read a book without the bloat that features so often these days.

The author genuinely wonders if things in reality could have gone better if not for a few events that caused ruptures in the balance. A great little book that will no doubt engross those who enjoy historical fiction. A good read for those interested in New England and England’s past.

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