Living On High Alert; How To Take Control Of Tour Personal Security And Prevent Fraud

The internet has created a world that is forever shrinking. Either that, or I just know far too many people!

Yesterday I received a Press Release for a book that is now available for the iPhone. This in itself did not excite me in the least. I do not own an iPhone and from the demonstrations that my step son has given me of his, I have no intentions of getting one. They are way too complicated for Simon Barrett. However, I did read the Press Release and realized that the book in question was penned by no other than a fellow writer for Blogger News, a man that I have actually interviewed before, Robert Siciliano.

It took less than an hour to have The Safety Minute: 01 in my hot little hands (well virtual hands).

Robert Siciliano has been involved in the personal safety business for over a decade, and has become the ‘go to’ guy for internet scams, particularly in the area of identity theft.

The Safety Minute: 01 does discuss the internet, although it is far from the focus. The author looks at many aspects of personal safety. Keeping yourself safe in todays world is most certainly a subject that everyone should understand. While no-one can prevent getting involved in something like the 9/11 terrorist attack, there are many simple things that you can do to prevent becoming another victim.

In many ways The Safety Minute: 01 could be viewed as a recap of common sense. However common sense seems to be something in short supply these days. Danger does potentially  lurk around the next corner. Robert Siciliano does offer some great advice. A good example is just walking down the street. Keep your wits about you. If you look like a target, you will become one. Be alert, be aware of your surroundings. If you hear footsteps behind you, be rude, turn around and look.

Although it is just a short section Robert Siciliano does broach the very ugly subject of child exploitation and abduction. Once again, it is impossible to prevent some crazed person, but parents can do much to arm their children with knowledge. Knowledge is power, and when children have that power they can avoid many of the pitfalls.

I am in my fifties, when I was a kid maybe the world was a safer place. I do know that I am glad that my children are grown adults. Todays world is a very scary place for a young child. The statistics make me cringe. Over 50,000 are abducted every year, and some reports claim that one in four of all children will face some kind of inappropriate actions.

You can order your copy of The Safety Minute: 01 from Amazon by clicking the link above or for you iPhone people you can use this link.

Simon Barrett

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