The Road to Southend Pier
(One Man’s Struggle against the Surveillance Society)
by Ross Clark

Experienced journalist Clark and author of How to Label a Goat an excellent book about the idiocy of British bureaucracy/red tape has set his sites on the new British surveillance society which sees Londoners as the most spied on people in the world (via CCTV).

This book details his attempts at alluding the increased snooping while keeping his tongue firmly in cheek at all times. The book was written before all the recent cock-ups with lost CDs and laptops full of citizens private information. He quite right points out that even though Britons are under so much peeping by the government the violent crime rate is on the rise. The reliability of these cameras is suspect and he quite rightly points out that they are being lazy.

Police and sitting in rooms watching rather than boots on the ground to be there when it happens. It ex post facto policing rather than preventative policing.

Mr Clark has written a great book that is both interesting and amusing. Unlike How to Label… its no where near as infuriating. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in modern surveillance and how effective it is in the UK today. Its a good warning to those who shill for this kind of technology anywhere else in the world as well.

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