Easter Sunday is another holiday that is not going well. Zelda is used to family dysfunction and the resulting stressful holiday, but this year is way worse than normal. Her Dad quit his job at the car dealership and took the bimbo secretary with him. He also caused huge financial issues as he has cashed out the 401K by forging her Mom’s the rabbit diedsignature. He has left town which means, along with royally upsetting everyone in the family, he isn’t around to wear the bunny suit.

The bunny suit has been around forever and is quite the holiday tradition. The grandkids are getting restless and want their holiday baskets as handed out each year by the rabbit as her Dad sits in the chair in full costume. Zelda has been nominated by all to do it as they took advantage of her with a mouthful of peep. Not that really mattered as she is the only adult that can fit in the thing so she is stuck.

Stuck in more ways than one in The Rabbit Died (Holidays From Hell Short Story Series Book 1) by Sue Anne Jaffarian. Things go from bad to worse in a story filled with humor that finally concludes in a very fitting way when all is said and done. Part of a series, if the rest are as entertaining as this one is, dealing with your own dysfunctional family just got a little easier.

The Rabbit Died (Holidays From Hell Short Story Series Book 1)
Sue Anne Jaffarian
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
June 2011
18 Pages (estimated)
Material was picked up to read and review during the author’s recent free read promotion.
Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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