The Rabbit and the Snowman by Sally O. Lee is a charming story of friendship that all readers – young and old – can appreciate and enjoy.

The story begins in a snowy field, where a group of children decide to build a snowman. They roll three large snowballs, stack them one on top of the other, and adorn their snowman with a woolen scarf, a carrot nose, arms made of sticks, a fuzzy winter hat, and a face made of coal. And then they disappear!

The snowman is left alone – has he done something wrong? Was it because his arms were to skinny? The snowman decides to patiently wait for the children to return.

Eventually, the snowman begins to realize that his children may not return. He feels alone.

Until he meets the rabbit.

After a brief introduction, the snowman and the rabbit become fast friends. They spent a great deal of time talking together:

“They talked about how the snow made a crunchy sound when it was a few days old. And how the sun trickled through the trees to make streams of light.”

The rabbit and the snowman are inseparable – until the temperatures begin to get warmer, and the snow begins to melt.

One day, the rabbit bounces through the forest to visit the snowman. But he is gone! Now the rabbit feels alone, too, much like the snowman when he was abandoned by the children who made him.

The rabbit wonders – is it because he is too furry? Are his eyes too small? Will he ever see the snowman again?

Spring turns into summer, and the rabbit is too busy enjoying himself to think about his old friend the snowman…

…until the temperatures drop, and the snowflakes begin to fall!

The rabbit returns to the field where he first met the snowman – and there he is, in the very same spot, waiting for his old friend the rabbit.

The Rabbit and the Snowman is a delightful tale of two friends who find themselves separated and then reunited. Sally O. Lee writes with a beautiful style that touches the reader, no matter their age. It is a story that we can all understand.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this book are Lee’s illustrations. Rustic, colorful, and simple, the watercolor and pen drawings bring Lee’s tale to life, and help to tell the story of two very special friends. Each and every page is bright and bold, inviting the reader to dive into this timeless tale.

Sally O. Lee is the author of sixteen children’s books, including Lucy’s Tea Party, The Imperfect Daughter, and Sometimes I Wonder. Her most recent book is called Seymour’s Masquerade Ball. A majority of Lee’s stories focus on a character who is living with some sort of “imperfection.” Additional information about Lee and all of her wonderful books is available by visiting

The Rabbit and the Snowman, written and illustrated by Sally O. Lee, copyright 2008

ISBN: 9781419656255

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Nicolette Kuff is a freelance writer from Upstate NY. She is also an expert snowman-maker.

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