There is no doubt the the New Age movement is a group to be reckoned with. Last year my wife and I were invited to attend an event, and I was amazed at the turnout. Oh, this was no rave, everyone was dressed in their very best, and expensive jewelry was everywhere. As I recall Jan and I left at half time, there were too many Om’s for my liking.

Mantra’s are fine, and I love the Sitar, it is one of the most alluring musical instruments ever invented. The problem I had was that event had a certain falseness about it. The Yogurt and Yoga group (Y&Y) were dressed in their Sunday best, but was it real? Were the Y&Y just trying to out do their friends?

With all this in the back of my mind I tackled The Power Of Soul by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha.

It certainly is true that medical miracles happen, cancer can go into remission for no apparent reason, and certainly not due to any chemo or other drugs. I do however have some doubts that endlessly chanting:

Soul of my liver orders my liver to heal

will have the desired effect. However, it is also true that there is a preponderance of anecdotal data that shows that having a positive attitude does seem to have some effects on the healing process.

My wife and I are currently watching a close family member die from cancer, and unfortunately mantras are not the answer!

Now, that is not to say that what Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is preaching quackery, and I certainly would not wish to do that. I am sure that The Power Of Soul will fit nicely on the bookshelves of the Y&Y crowd.

I walked away from this book with a less than happy disposition. Almost every chapter contained the useful information that we should find a quiet space and recite:

Lu Lu Lu La Li
Lu Lu Lu La La Li
Lu La Lu La Li Lu La
Lu La Li Lu La
Lu La Li Lu La

Oh, and you have to do this endlessly!

Now, that said, there are a few redeeming features in The Power Of The Soul, I guess we could call them specks of gold in a mud bath. When Dr. Sha is not offering the ‘Lu Lu’ advice he does actually make some sense, even though it is common sense. Conflict is bad, I know, I live in it daily as the editor of this site. Conflict comes out of walls, it oozes its way. The best way to deal with it though is to talk it through rather than keep it bottled up till you explode.

I was talking to a fellow book reviewer a while back, specifically how to handle an author who’s book you did not particularly enjoy, the answer was a good one, and I am going to use it here. Reviewers have very different criteria, and just because I didn’t like it, it does not mean that you will not. In fact there are over a hundred short reviews of this book on Amazon and the vast majority are positive.

You can get your copy of The Power Of Soul from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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