My initial thought when I glanced at the cover of this book, was that this author was a “high society” women who could not relate to the rest of us.  I believe the cover should be geared more to the intended market audience. 

As I read the book, I continually found the material to be too basic.  The large print added to the simplistic feel and combined with the front cover,  doesn’t seem to present a well brought together theme.  Sharon Capehart’s philosophy also seemed a bit bleak and absolute at times,  with few shades of grey.

However, I did enjoy the sections which were written in the words of the women whose journeys were profiled.  Their accounts were compelling and deeply moving at times, containing lessons learned and a pathway to follow.  Those writings were the most enlightening sections of this book but they could be hard to follow at times.  Their stories were woven into each chapter by the content and I found myself going back to review each characters past to keep the details straight. 

Overall, I would not recommend this book as I feel there are too many very well presented materials, which flow interestingly and take the reader to a deeper place of more value. 

To get your copy of The Power 2 Be You go to the author’s website.

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