The Official Handbook of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracyby Mark W Smith This book is both amusing and useful in the fight against the left in US. The talking points at the end of each chapter are curt and to the point. There are also helpful aides like a voting guide, past election results and an election night scoresheet. This is truly a book for right of center wonks, pundits and geeks. My one gripe is the frequent use of the word liberal to describe people who are anything but. Describing some of those on the left of the political spectrum as liberal considering their attitudes towards free speech, private property and rights is offensive to the classic liberal tradition. These people should be described as socialists or in some cases crypto-fascist would be more accurate. (See: Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg.) Obviously not all chapters will be to everyone on the right’s taste. The abortion chapter probably won’t necessarily reflect the views of all those who will find this book useful. But unlike some on the conservative right these days this book does not set out to judge those on the broad right. Its more an “us” against them than a pedantic breakdown of who is sound or not. The book is right up to date for the elections of 2008 and I am sure will find a place on your bookshelf. A valuable reference for those on the right; but a reference that is neither too dry nor pedantic. A quality publication written by a clever author.  

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