OK, it is not valid to call this a book review, it is just a gripe about todays society.

Is it valid or reasonable to review a book that is over 50 years old? I think it is if the book contains interesting and pertinent content. I suspect that The Murderers Among Us is long out of print, but copies can be found on Amazon.

The second world war seems like ancient history now. How quickly people forget. Murders Among Us is a great personal account of WWII and possibly more importantly the aftermath as seen through the eyes of the very best Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal. His quest was at first sight a simple one, to bring some justice for the 6 million people that the Nazi party exterminated, not victims of battle, but victims that did not meet the criteria of perfection laid down by Adolf Hitler. Jews were the main victims, but not the only ones, Gypsies, Poles, the old, the infirm, in fact anyone that did not meet Hitler’s lofty goal of the Aryan race were exterminated. The lucky ones got a bullet in the back of the head, the unlucky were worked and starved to death. When they were no longer able to work, they faced the Gas Chamber.

It is said that history is always written by the victor. This is a true statement to a certain extent. But not always convincing. WWII was recent enough to have been documented by those that survived. That number alas is dwindling down fast.

Even worse is todays education system. STEM is in, History is out. So the question becomes, is History dead? If it is, well I feel sorry for the world. History guides the past, the present and the future.

Simon Barrett

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