Allie Gardner had been with them since the beginning of Hide And Seek Investigations. Her specialty, and something that she went after with a certain fury, was cheating spouses. Her latest assignment was a simple case in Wilmington, North Carolina.  It should not have gotten her killed.

But, it did.

For retired Lieutenant Cam Richter the news is a shock and a personal blow. After driving down and making the formal id of the body Cam wants answers. He isn’t the only one. The state autopsy facility would like to know why her body is highly radioactive. She had to ingest something and the question is where did whatever it was come from? How did she get it? Who gave it to her? The search for answers for these questions and many others will take Cam up against the staff of a local nuclear power plant, the federal government, and other forces, as he begins to search for the truth as to what happened to Allie Lardner.

Building on “The Cat Dancers” and “Spider Mountain” this third novel in the series is another strong read through it does start very slowly. Character development is at a nill here as the recurring characters, especially Cam Richter, were fully established in the first two novels. The team is once again brought together to help Cam and there are also multiple appearances by Mary Ellen and discussion of their shared past as well as other events in the series. Therefore, readers are cautioned that the previous books in the series should be read before embarking on this novel.

A novel that is full of misdirection and deceit and political intrigue with frequent character commentary on the role of the FBI and homeland security criticism of both and a theme that many other authors seem to be mining in their fiction these days. The political commentary, though it may annoy some readers, does not take over the book. Instead, it is a piece of the book as are many other pieces that serve to entertain as well as confuse the reader.

The read as a whole is a novel featuring a complex tale full of nuance and innuendo, dark secrets and plenty of action. This is one of those books that it is not wise to start late in the evening or take to the beach because you will lose track of time and the real world.

The Moonpool

P. T. Deutermann

St. Martin’s Press

June 2008

ISBN# 0-312-37159-4


292 Pages


Review copy provided by the Plano, Texas Public Library System

Kevin R. Tipple © 2008

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