The Mind Keepers
by Kenneth Maclean

Its great to come across such a good novel by an author you have never heard of. This is a techno thriller of the best kind, though the location is rather rural, rather than normal urban an environment. First of all I have to tell you that I read the book in one sitting, it was that involving and good. Rather than the turgid overlong rubbish that one finds these days, this book is just as long as it need be there is no fluff or extraneous elements.

The characterisation and scene setting is very well done. There is just enough technical info to make it credible without overkill that gets uber-geeky. The author knows wherefore he writes as well but does not let his knowledge overpower the novel. As with any good novel it just a cracking good tale.

The tale involves bleeding-edge technology, envirofascists and militia types all in a small town out West. Their are various government agencies pulling and playing with people to add to the mix. Add to it some good ole’ jealousy, revenge and angst for good measure. This novel has all the right elements in the right amounts to make it a cracking read.

Needless to say with its high-tech elements and conspiracy it would make a cracking film as well. There is enough action here to keep any good director on his toes making it play out. Now the book is very visual and lends itself to a screenplay it does not read like one which is nice.

Overall I think this book is well worth your time and schekels and available through Amazon.


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