Chester Campbell is one of those authors you never hear much about who constantly produces quality books. Instead of posting everywhere on everything, he just goes about his business and his latest novel is another good one.

When Warren Jarvis comes with a case, there isn’t anything Greg and Jill McKenzie won’t do for him. He brings with him a friend who goes by various names due to the nature of her work with the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations. She has a family link to a ninety year old murder case involving the Marathon Motor Works located near downtown Nashville. Though the plant isn’t operating anymore, a bunch of old records have been found hidden in a wall and they seem to indicate that a former employee suspected of embezzlement was actually innocent. At least, that is what they believe and the family involved would like to see the records themselves but the man who had them is now missing. She wants to hire them to find the missing man and the records.

Greg and Jill agree and begin to work the case by starting at the most obvious point. They start with the construction company and easily find out where the man lives and what he drives. That angle, and working the familial connection, sends them off into a case that eludes nearly every attempt they make.

While the fourth in a series, this novel could easily be read as an enjoyable stand alone cozy mystery. Greg and Jill do make the occasional reference to earlier events but for the most part are constantly working the current case. Character development is nil as these are characters that series readers have long since become accustomed to and don’t expect major changes. Instead the focus is on the mystery and it is not one easily solved with numerous twists and turns along the way. The result is another excellent cozy style mystery from Chester Campbell and another enjoyable read.


The Marathon Murders: A Greg McKenzie Mystery
Night Shadows Press
February 2008
Hardback ISBN# 978-0-9790167-0-0
Trade Paper ISBN# 078-0-9799167-1-7

Kevin R. Tipple © 2008, 2013

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