Everyone makes excuses. That’s a fact of life. Therefore, as in all things of great quantity, only the great stick out. Or, in the case of excuses, don’t stick out. After all, if people are going to make excuses, they should be good excuses, ones which keep the teller out of trouble and tellee from being suspicious. That is exactly what Addie Johnson sets out to do in her first book, The Little Book of Big Excuses.

Addie Johnson is illuminating in showing just how good it feels to be bad. Avoiding work-related functions or the office, second dates or the wedding day, Johnson has hilarious excuses which are just plausible enough to leave you thinking, “It might work.” This book is uproariously funny from start to finish, a true gem of laughter and the tongue in cheek. The excuses are so outrageous that they would have to be true, or so those who tell them will want to think.

From dead great-aunts in Italy to sick dogs or childhood phobias and allergies, Johnson looks at all possible excuses with her quick wit and biting sense of humor. In this laugh a minute book, one can never quite be sure what excuse is or is not a good idea. Problems at work? There are pages of excuses, anecdotes, and explanations for that. Problems at home? Johnson covers that as well. With roommates? The IRS? A lover? Fear not, all who are bound to their word and a sense of work ethic. The Little Book of Big Excuses can rescue you from all those problems and many more as well.

If indeed there is a point to this book, a theme behind the laughter, it is that most people are far too prone to take life too seriously. Johnson says it early on in her book. “Reading this book will not make you a better person, but you might have more fun.” The point of life has never been to always have clean dishes, or to pay those parking tickets on time. It has certainly never been to be an incredible worker, never missing a day and always giving 100%. The point of life has always been to have one. So take a day off, do nothing, spend time on what matters, Johnson says, on real life.

That is the path this books takes each reader on, laughing every step of the way.

This book is available on Amazon.

Nathaniel Jonet

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