How to Thrive
(not just survive)
in times of personal
and global upheaval

Toni Galardi introduces us to a new concept, the LifeQuake. A LifeQuake to a person is like an Earthquake to the land. Within the pages of The LifeQuake Phenomenon we learn to spot the early warning signs and how to deal with the various stages involved.

Just like the onset of an earthquake has subtle warning signs so does a LifeQuake. One of the most significant being boredom.

There are people who have worked contentedly at the same job for 30 years, are happily in a long term relationship, have wonderful children and grand children, and view the world through rose tinted glasses. They are however in the minority! Most of us at some point become bored with our lot. That fabulously paying career no longer has the luster it once had, we are no longer challenged. The fun has gone, life has become drudgery.

As Toni Galardi explains, this situation is a beginning, a spring board into other more serious stages of the LifeQuake. However the results do not have to all be negative, like a surfer rides a killer wave, we can learn to ride the LifeQuake and even use it to our advantage. By learning the tools to use you can leverage the destructive aspects and convert them into the positive.

Using real life anecdotes Toni takes us into the lives of different people and how they overcame their adversity’s. I think it is possible to encapsulate Toni’s teaching into a few very simple concepts and tools. Often our boredom is as a result of not understanding who we are, and what we want to achieve. By changing focus we can take that fork in the road that will lead you on a new path.

In many ways I could have been featured in this book. After over 30 years in the computer industry, I had had enough. I was bored, I was angry, I was frustrated. The corporate world had become my personal Alcatraz. Although I did not have access to Toni Galardi’s teachings I did in fact adopt many of the ideas. The result? My new corporate world is my home office, I am the CEO, I make my own decisions and have to stand by them. I earn 1/3rd of what I used to, and am 100 times happier!

Change is a good thing. I enjoyed reading The LifeQuake Phenomenon it contains some very insightful ideas. I think as with all self help books you will find that not all of the tools are applicable to your unique situation, however it is great to be aware of what tools are available. I for one am not a great advocate for Yoga and mantras, but that can easily be substituted with meditation, or even quiet contemplation.

Toni Galardi also pulls extensively on the works of others which makes this book a great resource for exploration. You can use The LifeQuake Phenomenon as a research tool into other techniques.

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Simon Barrett

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