I really enjoyed my first exploration of Steve Godofsky’s book Questionable Therapy, and was excited when I discovered that there were more treasures to be uncovered from this relatively new author.

The Liberation Of Henry Belmont is a very interesting  book. Steve Godofsky takes the reader on a journey of discovery that I am still reeling over. I had a conversation some time ago with an author, he was lamenting the fact that much like like the well known seven degrees of separation, there were also only seven book plots. Authors merely rearranged the characters and the settings. I did not agree with him, but even if he was right, Steve Godofsky has added a new plot line, plot line number 8!

The Liberation Of Henry Belmont is a very strange creation. Very occasionally I take off my ‘reviewers’ hat and put on the ugly ‘critics’ hat. I tell authors that unless you hook the reader in the first 20 pages they will put the book down and never pick it up again. The hook is a vital part of the construction of the book.

Steve Godofsky does it in a slightly different manner, he ‘chums the waters’. We get to meet three characters, none of which seem to share a common thread, Henry Belmont is a successful company owner, a man who travels a great deal, sure his home life is suffering, but that in his mind is the price that must be paid. Without the large income how could he keep his wife and two teenagers in the comforts of life? Henry does have one deep dark secret, he has just been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrigs) and his life expectancy is only a few years. Should he share this information with his family or keep on till the bitter end?

The second story involves Derek Rogers, a classic con man, and a person that has his eyes set on the perfect con. The con of a lifetime. Boost a rare work of art, one valued at over $10 million, and then sell it twice!

The third thread in this book is the easy going semi retired businessman Ed Davies. A condo on the beach front on Florida, and a penchant for travel. His trademark is his hat, Panama Ed is a well known local character.

I read more books than should be legal. The more I read of The Liberation Of Henry Belmont the more I found myself drawn in. The one thing I could not figure out was how the author was going to bring these three very different characters together.

Well, I can assure you that Steve Godofsky does manage to bring them together. I think I was about 3/4 of the way through the book, and I was thinking to myself, ‘how on earth is he going to bring this all together’.

Steve Godofsky does, and does it with such style that I am still chuckling.

You can order your copy of The Liberation Of Henry Belmont from Amazon by clicking the link above.

Simon Barrett

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