The project was simple and yet complex at the same time. Those involved would right the failures of the justices system. Those criminals, often released on technicalities, whose actions were so egregious that they should have been permanently removed from the planet by the system, would be removed by the group known as The Four Horsemen. These ex-police offices would do what the court system had failed to do—dispense justice.

Over time the project has become unstable and is collapsing due to a variety of factors. Now, Sandy Banks is The Last Horseman and he too has finally had enough. He will finish the assignment that he just received and then he is out.

At least that is his plan. Others have a different agenda for Sandy Banks. While they might like to arrest him they would be okay with killing him in the process as then he couldn’t talk about what he knows.

Nobody and nothing is what it seems in this complex mystery thriller from talented author Frank Zafiro known for his River City Crime Novel series that began with Under A Raging Moon the moral implications of police work have been a hallmark of his books. Written by a police officer familiar firsthand with the toll that police work takes, there is realism always present in Mr. Zafiro’s books that one does not get from many such novels. That realism along with a heavy duty dose of the always present moral consequences for actions on the job and off is combined here where a former cop is questioning more and more his role in trying to right the wrongs of a failed court system. A system that too many times seems stacked against the good guys.

That moral quandary–upholding the law and yet executing bad guys in the name of justice– is at the heart of this novel. A novel that contains numerous twists and turns as no one is telling the truth about themselves or others for most of the book. The result is a complex mystery full of nuance and meaning and yet another good book from talented author Frank Zafiro.

The Last Horseman: A Sandy Banks Novel

Frank Zafiro


January 2011

ISBN# 978-1456516260

Paperback (also available as an e-book)

268 Pages


Material was supplied by the author a very long time ago in exchange for my objective review.

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