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Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve been drawn into a story where I already knew the ending, let alone a science fiction story straight from the comic book universe. Kevin J Anderson has written a compelling tale of the end of days on Krypton and the birth of a comic book legend… Kal-El, also known as Superman.

It’s strange reading or watching a story where you know what’s going to happen. We’ve seen the end of the planet Krypton on the big screen and in comic books over the years, but never to this kind of detail. I now feel like I know Superman’s parents — Jor-El and Lara — and some of his extended family, and how bits and pieces from Superman lore fit into his past. And I was sad when it all ended.

The Last Days of Krypton, Paperback CoverLike watching the Titanic sink in the movie, you knew it was coming. It wasn’t a secret. In this case, we knew Krypton was going to explode into a bazillion pieces killing nearly everyone. Kal-El was the sole survivor (well, sort of), sent in a small spaceship to earth to survive his destroyed world.

We knew of General Zod, Aethyr, and Namek, the three Kryptonian super-villains who tormented the Earth in Superman II. Clark gave up a normal, happy life to stop these foes from doing to Earth what they did to Krypton. But we never knew why they were really locked in the Phantom Zone all those years. They were criminals of the highest order, but how did they become those criminals?

All of these questions are answered in spectacular fashion by Anderson’s prose.

This should be required reading for all Superman fans. How else can you come to understand the underpinnings of all Kal-El stands for? Truth and justice? Yes, but why? Because he was raised by John and Martha Kent? Well, yes, but it goes back much farther than that to his biological father.

I am still amazed at how much of the DC Superman lore was worked into this book, and how seamlessly it all flows together. How did Krypton die? Read the book. You won’t be disappointed.

Learn amazing things like…

  • Kal-El had an Aunt and Uncle! And a Grandmother and Grandfather!
  • Lara (Kal-El’s Mother) was much more than just a pretty face in Superman The Movie!
  • Aethyr and Namek actually had back stories!
  • Jonn J’onzz (the Martian Manhunter) sent a signal from Mars actually received by Jor-El on Krypton!
  • And much much more!

The paperback version of the book that I read has a beautifully rendered lenticular cover with the Superman logo. It’s now on sale in bookstores everywhere and retails for $7.99.

Kevin J. Anderson, the author, has written and published more than 90 novels, and been nominated for several awards including the Nebula Award, the Bram Stoker Award, and teh SFX Reader’s Choice Award. He’s not only written several novels himself, but collaborated on a number of novel series, including Star Wars, the X-Files, and Dune. And he also writes comic books in his spare time.

Plus, it’s always nice to find a Colorado connection… He lives in Monument, Colorado, which is just north of Colorado Springs, Colorado where I live.

Check out his website at http://www.wordfire.com.

This is a great book and a “must read” for any true Superman fan!


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