The Knitted Slipper Book: Slippers and House Shoes for the Entire Family is primarily organized as two parts–materials and the projects. Designed with projects for every member of the family and beyond the book represents the author’s lifestyle and how she views the world. As explained in the several page introduction, author Katie Startzman prefers to live life as simply as possible and to be as self-sufficient as possible. By following her directions and making your own footwear you can create something more special than store bought and maintain a low impact lifestyle.


“Part One: Materials and Basic Techniques” is exactly as stated in the section title— the basics on what you need and how to do things. The author takes you through, by way of text and photographs, how to choose a style, yarn, felting, sizing, shaping, and more. While the pictures as well as the typeface tend to be small, the information is extensive and detailed for the newcomer as well as the experienced crafter.


“Part Two: Projects” begins on page 27 and leads off with “Fireside Booties.” This particular project creates slippers that cover the feet and ankles. Along with detailed instructions and a template for the slippers there are several pictures detailing construction and the finished project. This same format is followed throughout the additional 29 projects found in the book.


From “Sleepy Friends Slippers” (pages 36-39) to “Renaissance Boots” (pages 44-47) to her version of Beaded Moccasins titled “Beaded Moccs” (pages 80-85) and more there is something for anyone in this book. Colors and styles vary as does the level of difficulty, but all the projects will result in colorful and unique footwear.


A “Special Techniques” section as well as page for “Abbreviations” and a “Resources” page further supplement the book and provide information that can help you. A two page pictorial layout sorted by type of slipper and an acknowledgement page bring the book to a close.


If you are looking for something different than the normal and ideas that you can personalize for the recipient The Knitted Slipper Book: Slippers and House Shoes for the Entire Family  by Katie Startzman might be just the book for you. Colorful and informative, the 160 page plus book provides plenty of ideas as well as detailed instructions so that you know how to go about creating some treasured footwear for your family.


The Knitted Slipper Book: Slippers and House Shoes for the Entire Family

Katie Startzman

Stewart, Tabori & Chang (imprint of Abrams)

October 2013

ISBN# 978-1-61769-058-7


160 Pages



Material supplied by the good folks of the Plano, Texas Public Library System.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2014

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