I think that Cliff may well be a long lost relative of mine, we seem to have had the same bad luck with the same cars. The Karmic Car Cycles is a delightful look at Cliff’s misadventures over the years with various automobiles.

As a fundamental law of physics states, ‘for every action there is an equal reaction. Cliff actually takes this law in a slightly different direction. Cliff maintains that there is a karma associated with driving a vehicle, for every transgression that you get away with, speeding, running a red light, etc, the car gods are keeping tally, and at some point will seek retribution. It may come in the form of an accident or unwarranted brush with the law, but you can guarantee that it will happen. Cliff refers to these events as innies and outies, an innie is essentially what you get away with, and an outie is the retribution from the car gods.

If you think about it, it all makes perfect sense. I for one look back on my illustrious driving career and sure enough, for all the stuff I got away with, there is an equal amount of stuff that happened to me that was not my fault, but I ended up paying the price, but it all evens out in the end. I can recall two events back in 1981 that are perfect examples. I owned a 1979 Ford Thunderbird, the last of the really colossally big and impractical T-birds. It was 5 days before Christmas and I found a nice piece of ice in a parking lot that resulted in me demolishing the passenger side headlight and doing lord knows how many dollars of damage. It was my fault, and I decided to wait until after Christmas to get it fixed, in Cliff speak a huge outtie! On Christmas Eve while wrapping presents I heard a loud crash outside my front door. Low and Behold an enormous pickup truck had found a patch of ice and was now mating with the front end of the T-bird!

At first I thought it was another outie, but no! This was a massive innie. Because my car was stationary and parked, the fault was entirely the other drivers, and his insurance had to cover the entire repair bill!

Essentially The Karmic Car Cycles is a series of very funny vignettes. I lost count of the number of cars that Cliff has managed to demolish in his career and each story is truly unique and mind bending. He has also had a number of close encounters with law enforcement, some he has won by sheer luck, and others that he has lost for no good reason other than the intervention of the car gods. How you can possibly go to court and plead not guilty to a very minor traffic infraction and end up with a 10 day all expenses paid vacation at the local jail is baffling, but Cliff managed to achieve this feat.

The Karmic Car Cycles is a delightful read, and the format, having short two or three page vignettes makes it perfect for the reader who is looking for a few minutes of entertainment.

Cliff does not limit his stories to just cars, he also explores some of his relationships with dogs and other animals, including the human kind!

You can order your copy of The Karmic Car Cycles from AuthorHouse,  Cliff is working on a web site to accompany the book. In fact Cliff Livingstone has quite the web presence, he has a humor site www.wholelook.com and another site supporting some of his other writings www.cliffr.com.

Buy it, enjoy it, and happy motoring!

Simon Barrett

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