Recently released by Untreed Reads this short story revolves around Lorna Lombardi called to serve as a juror in Westchester, New York one January. Kelly Meadows was the 46 year old woman on trial for the murder of her 50 year old husband, Tim. The couple were going through a divorce (though things were civil) and the man’s body (minus the head and an arm) had been found floating in the Hudson River about a month after he had been reported missing.


There is no doubt that Tim Hudson is dead. Whether Lorna Lombardi and her fellow juror Ike O’Hara can figure out what truly happened is just part of this intriguing story told primarily by narration with very little dialogue. Told as if you are sitting with Lorna as she recounts what happened that January, the tale moves fast with plenty of clues to keep the reader involved and interested.


Much like her enjoyable tale “They eDone Him Wrong” in the anthology “The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping” (also from Untreed Reads) what people say is important in “The Jurors Who Knew Too Much.” In the case of the former keeping your mouth shut might keep you alive. In this case, saying something could help the case for justice.


The Jurors Who Knew Too Much

Gail Farrelly

Untreed Reads

March 2013


E-book (estimated print length ten pages)




Material was purchased via a gift card by this reviewer for use in an objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2013

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