In the mind of this reviewer, anything with the title The Insanity of Christianity, the one the Reverend J.V. Foster, Ph. D. gave his book, deserves some serious credit and attention. Yet it is shocking to see just how fast that goodwill is squandered by this complete waste of a book.

Reverend J.V. Foster, Ph. D. set out to write a book which will challenge Christianity and show the flip side of the coin of the Bible to a world which has been tricked into a narrow definition of faith. This was a common enough idea in the world of theology, even well within branches which would certainly be defined as orthodox. However, few others end up in places so strange, off-beat, and frankly, as incorrect, as the Reverend J.V. Foster has come to rest.

It’s no big deal to wrestle with these issues of faith which seem to based on little at all. But when one does, it’s a serious thing. One cannot simply say that there is no hell, or no heaven, or no Satan (all things Foster seems to find prudent), and move on with less then two pages of explanation on each topic. There are between 2,000 and 5,000 years of theological tradition on each of those subjects depending on how far back into Judaica they reach. Now, those traditions do not guarantee that they are true, but they present a body of agreed upon evidence must be dealt with. If Foster is indeed going to persuade us that we are all biblical fools for not reading the Scriptures the same way he does, it is going to take more than two or three trite examples of how blind we are.

From front cover to back cover, this is a book filled with unacknowledged biases and presuppositions, third-rate scholarship, and heresy so bad it isn’t worth more than a dismissive smirk. If you want a book on the Bible or God or anything at all, you won’t find it here. Actually, you won’t find anything at all worth remembering, other than that having a Ph. D. no longer proves that someone is smart.

And thank you, Reverend J.V. Foster, Ph. D., for that lesson. That one lesson.

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