I like books that provoke the reader into considering the world around them, The Human Food Factor is most certainly a book in that category. I think I will start this review with a quote from the final pages of the book:

In the workings of Nature, 99% of all problems, work themselves out

Yes that is a very true statement, unfortunately humankind does not seem to have this self healing ability. We rush from disaster to disaster giving scant thought to what we are doing, or the ramifications.

The Human Food Factor is a delightful rant. Howard Axtell tells it the way he sees it. And although it is only a little over 200 pages long, and much of the text is in pretty large fonts, he does manage to cover a lot of ground.

The Human Food Factor ranges from subject to subject, and while a lot of the venom is aimed squarely at politicians of all colors, Howard Axtell hardly limits his tirade to this nefarious group, no-one escapes his wrath!

There is a chapter early on titled The Treadmill, yes, I think that sums up quite well the state of society today. The treadmill is indeed what we are all on at the moment. Howard Axtell makes an obvious, yet often missed point:

If nobody’s working, nobody’s spending, right…..No spending equals no sales, consequently, more lost jobs, right?…. it’s a vicious circle and no matter how you cut it, everything affects everything

I have to admit that The Human Food Factor certainly got my ire rising. At every turn Howard Axtell seems to have government and other idiocy in his ‘cross hairs’. Over the past year or so we have awarded stupidity with huge monetary gain. Why would any sane person put money into a bank that was incompetent in handling money? A bank folding does not hurt the average man in the street, he or she lives pay check to pay check, about the worst that is going to happen is that a couple of hundred dollars will be lost, BUT, even that is not true, the FDIC will reimburse us, that is part of the reason we pay all of this baloney bank fees?

The only people that get hurt when a bank goes down are the fat cats. Of course it is the fat cats that keep the politicians well fed, so… time for a bail out!

Pretty much, the same thing happened in the Automotive industry, incompetence led to losses of huge proportions.

So what happens? We reward these incompetent companies with money! I am just a lowly reviewer, if I can’t pay my rent, or bills, will the government ‘print’ some money for me? NO

I guess I have not reached that state of ‘being too big to fail’. What a crock! Private industry, regardless of its size should never be considered too big to fail!

I am sure that Howard Axtell wrote The Human Food Factor with a great deal of anger, and he certainly manage to get my blood pressure up.

This is a book that people that have true concern about the world around us should read. Just read a chapter a day, most are only a few pages long, and then consider what you have read. You might not agree with every sentiment, but it certainly will give you pause for thought.

You can order your copy from www.humanfoodfactor.com

Simon Barrett

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